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At your first visit, Dr. Ainslie will conduct a comprehensive examination and tell you what type and length of treatment he recommends. Your Treatment Coordinator will thoroughly explain the treatment, help you set up appointments, and offer you financial information. Dr. Ainslie will work closely with your dentist to obtain helpful information and records prior to your initial appointment. We will also gladly research your dental insurance plan to determine whether orthodontic benefits are available and help you understand how your benefits will apply to your treatment.

For your convenience, we will help you begin treatment with the fewest number of visits possible by providing thorough education and service at the initial visit, which usually takes about ninety minutes. For this reason, we request that all parents, spouses, or family members involved in treatment decisions be present.


Placing braces or appliances generally takes one to two hours; this appointment is generally scheduled for mid-morning. Adjustment visits during treatment are fairly short, usually about thrity minutes, and they occur every eight to twelve weeks. We offer a variety of hours, reserving early mornings and late afternoons for these and other quick appointments.


We never want finances to prevent you from getting the treatment you and your family need - when it is needed. For your convenience, we will file your insurance claims and accept payments directly in our office. For the balance, we are happy to offer several payment options:
  • Full payment at the beginning of treatment, with a courtesy savings
  • No down payment with equal monthly payments and a small interest charge through third-party financing
  • In-office financing with a down payment and monthly payments, with no interest charges
To simplify your life and save you time, monthly payments can be deducted automatically from your checking, savings or credit card account. In addition, some employers offer flex-spending plans, which can make it possible to pay for orthodontic treatment with pre-tax dollars. You may wish to contact your personnel or payroll department to see if this type of plan is available to you.

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